Fun ways to fundraise

There are a many ways to raise funds. Here’s our own suggestions for ways to engage family, friends and workmates in raising funds to help find a cure for the future of cancers and other inherited disease. If you’d like to learn more, download the paperwork or fill out the contact form below.



Organise an Auction together with your community, club, friends or workmates – get people to donate items they no longer need and put them up for auction. You can donate money without it costing you a cent.

Arts & Crafts

Use your artistic talent for a good cause – organise a craft event and donate some (or all) of your proceeds.


A great Aussie Tradition. Good friends and great food, what better way to support your favourite charity! Ask for Donations or print a Ticket for Entry.


Get together with friends and family and have a bingo afternoon.. the kids love it!  Have a raffle with donated prizes.


A great way for younger members of the family to get involved. Donate an evening’s babysitting – ask the baby’s parents to pay your earnings directly to Cure The Future, or ask your parents to do it. They might even match your contribution!

Blue Day

Organise a Blue Day to help generate awareness of the work of Cure The Future. Blue Mufti days, Blue Morning Tea, Blue Golf, Blue Cycling.. wear Blue, Paint your face Blue or spray your hair. If you’re a NSW Rugby fan, arrange a Blue Day to support the Waratahs and Cure The Future!

Bowls & Bocce

Organise a Blue Bowls afternoon at your local club (see if they’ll contribute some of the fees!) or play Blue Bocce in your local park. Blues v Pinks!

Car Wash

Another great one for the kids – organise a Car Wash Day at your local Saturday Sports car park.

Catch of the Day

If your Family and Friends are into Fishing, why not run a Fishing Comp, with a donated prize for Catch of the Day – and affordable donation as an entry fee?


Celebrate your next family occassion or mark a workplace milestone or success – with a donation to help Cure The Future. Particularly appropriate for weddings and births!


Get sponsored for every day, week – or month you can go without chocolate!

Coffee Mourning

Get workmates to donate one cup of coffee per day – forego the caffeine and collect the money to help find a cure for cancers and  inherited diseases.

Cycling Event

Into Cycling? Get sponsored for your next ride – or arrange your own ‘Tour for a Cure’ with your club or cycle team and keep fit while you raise awareness and donations.

Cake Day

Make some cupcakes or cookies for your workmates or club – or set up a stall and sell them for a donation to Cure The Future.

Dinner Donations

Have a Cure The Future dinner party and ask your friends to donate the price of the meal to help Cure The Future.

Doggie Day

Grab your favourite pooch and join up with other four-legged friends for a sponsored walk or dog show

Dry July

Or Arid August, Sober September.. pick a month to go without alcohol and donate sponsorship money to help Cure The Future.

Fair Day

Get your family and friends together for some good old-fashioned FUNdraising. Gold coin donation to enter the event and buy entry to games such as Pop a Balloon, Sack Race, Egg and Spoon, 3-legged races.

Fun Run

One of the most popular fundraing events at the moment, help Cure The Future arrange a Blue Fun Run in your local area. Family fitness and great Fun!

Gift It

Not sure what to get your friend or family member who wants or needs nothing?  Donate to medical research to Cure The Future. 

Garage Sale

Even your unwanted household items can help find a cure for cancer! Have a clear-out on behalf of Cure The Future – and encourage buyers to add a donation of their own with a donation box.

Gold & Silver Coins

The old-fashioned way! Set up a collection at work or at your club for loose change! You’d be surprised how quickly they pile up!

Golf Tournament

For those who enjoy a hit of golf, combine a few rounds of golf with a donation to help find a cure for inherited diseases like arthritis.

Percentage of Sale

Next time you sell a big ticket item, like a House, Boat or Car.. consider making a pledge to donate a small percentage to help Cure The Future


Host a Halloween Party and ask guests to bring a dish and a donation!

Head Shave

A well-known fundraiser for Cancer, the sponsored head shave can help Cure The Future find a cure for this terrible genetic disease.

Home Alone

If you can, Auction a day off work among your workmates. The biggest donation gets a day in bed!

Jack It in January, June or July

Give up smoking, drinking, chocolate or anything else you spend money on that’s not good for you – and donate the money you save to help Cure The Future.

Music Festival

In a band?  Kids play an instrument? Get a mini music festival together in your garden and invite friends and family. Donation for Entry!

One Hour

Show your support for a workmate who has been diagnosed with Cancer – ask everyone to donate 1 hour’s salary to help Cure The Future of inherited disease.

Oscar’s Night

Movie buffs, host your own Oscars Party!  A donation secures an entry to the sweepstake as everyone competes to get the most winners right on the night!

Percentage of Sale

Next time you sell a big ticket item, like a House, Boat or Car.. consider making a pledge to donate a small percentage to help Cure The Future

Quiz Night

Get some teams together from your friends, workplace, sports club or other groups and raise some funds to help find a cure for inherited diseases.


A raffle is the most popular fundraiser of them all. Get your work/local businesses to donate prizes, then sell tickets. It’s free, raises valuable funds – and somebody wins!

Swear Box

Profanity for Charity. Create a Swear Box at home or in the workplace and raise money everytime someone swears.

Sponsor a Run or Swim

Take part in an organised ocean swim or marathon and raise funds – or organise your own swim comp or fun run with family and friends.

Ten-Pin Bowling

Get the crew together for a night of ten-pin bowling in aid of Cure The Future.

Treasure Hunt

Write the clues to a treasure hunt by car, push bike or on foot. Be creative with the location and the prize at the end! Donate to enter!

Vineyards, Vino & Vintages

Fundraising idea for wine-lovers. Organise a trip to the vineyards or hold a wine tastsing event at home. Donations to be given for each tasting and prizes for guessing the correct vintage of various vinos.


Let your loss be Cure The Future’s gain! Get sponsored for every kilo you lose. 


Like Cure The Future, Christmas is all about family. It’s a great time of year to attach charity to any event – from carol singing to party time.. or just giving!

Yacht Regatta

Water-based fun for friends and family – a great opportunity to get together to try and help find a cure for inherited disease.


Anything that you, your friends and family enjoy doing can be turned into donation. Use Cure The Future as your excuse to come up with something the family will remember – and let us know about it on Facebook or Instagram!

Corporate Sponsorship

A corporate sponsorship with Cure The Future gives your business the opportunity to showcase your commitment to help finding cures for currently incurable diseases, while raising your organisations profile at the same time. You can support through financial contribution or by providing donated goods or services.

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