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Cure The Future are raising funds for Australian research as part of a Global Initiative into using Mesothelin CAR-T Cells to fight certain cancers.

Early clinical data from leading research centres around the World highlights the promise of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cells for the targeted treatment of cancers such as pancreatic cancer, muscle cancer, ovarian cancer, some breast cancers and asbestos-related lung cancer.

A collaboration of international researchers agree it is the best possible promise of a cure we have seen – so they have got together to do clinical trials of this treatment. Australia’s team, led by Professor John Rasko, Asutralia’s leading Cell & Molecular Therapies specialist, will leverage the existing cell manufacturing infrastructure and expertise at the Cell & Molecular Therapies department at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

International collaborators will work together to develop these anti-mesothelin CAR-T cells – and initiate Phase I clinical trials to treat each of these cancer conditions.

In Australia, our initial focus will be on the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer. This treatment option will be a first for Australian patients – and cellular immunotherapy of the type proposed here may revolutionise outcomes for patients and their families living with many types of cancer.

Our “CAR-T mesothelin” cancer immunotherapy is potentially capable of targeting pancreatic, ovarian, synovial and mesothelioma (a subset of lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos) and well as other lung cancer & breast cancer subsets.

Be part of this historical ground-breaking global project and help Cure The Future – for your family and for families like yours, all over the World.

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Cure The Future are raising funds for Australian research as part of a global initiative into using Mesothelin CAR-T Cells to fight certain cancers

Global Partners

Sloan Kettering Memorial Centre
New York City, USA.

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney Australia

Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, Montreal.
Quebec, Canada

Karolinska Instituten
Stockholm, Sweden