What if someone told you that saving lives was in your genes?


It’s true



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About Cure The Future

Cure The Future is a philanthropic foundation that funds pioneering research to cure inherited diseases and cancers through the world leading research and clinical work of Professor Rasko AO and his team.

Who are we?

The Cure The Future Family includes our Patrons, Ambassadors and Board Members, as well as Professor John Rasko and his ResearchTeam who work at the Laboratories of the Centenary Institute at RPA attached to the University of Sydney.

What do we do?

We raise funds and donate equipment, wages and project funding to support Prof. John Rasko and his team as they try to find a cure for genetically inherited disease.

What is Cell and Gene Therapy?

Find out more about how Cell and Gene Therapy can help replace disease-causing genes with corrected genes – and encourage the body to repair itself

Which Diseases?

Learn about some of the 4000 inherited ‘incurable’ diseases we hope to find a cure for – including Cancers, Heart Disease, Alzheimers, Diabetes and Arthritis.

You can make a huge impact