Dr Ulf Schmitz is a serious computer wizard.

Currently Ulf is a Data scientist in Professor John Rasko’s team at the Centenary Institute.  As an expert in Bioinformatics metrics, Ulf spends his days discovering patterns in data that help to explain normal biology and human diseases.   


Cure the Future © Photo by Salty Dingo 2019

‘With the support of Cure The Future, I was able to continue exploring mechanisms of gene regulation in cancer without interruption*. This allowed me to produce important research output leading to numerous publications.’

Dr Ulf Schmitz

Ulf received the Cure the Future Award of Scientific Excellence in 2016 as a post-doctoral researcher. This 12 month fellowship allowed the completion of experiments that capture the life of cancer cells in a detail that has never been achieved before. Data from these experiments allowed Ulf to study patterns of unanticipated forms of cancer gene regulation.

The Cure The Future support has been invaluable to Ulf in laying a foundation for many other grants, awards and career progressions.

‘I’m now able to share my experience and give advice to younger, junior researchers and help them progress in their careers as well.’

Thanks to the solid foundation provided by Cure The Future, Ulf continues to deliver impact to cancer patients in his roles as Conjoint Senior Lecturer of the Sydney Medical School, Associate Faculty of the Centenary Institute and Head of the Computational Biomedicine Laboratory.

’Foundations like Cure the Future are a cornerstone for modern biomedical research. By raising funds for research, they are able to provide rapid financial support, flexibly, and at times when its most urgently needed. This kind of support is crucial for facilitating world-class research right here in Australia.

During his fellowship Ulf published 6 journal articles, one book chapter, and a book about ‘Systems Medicine’ – the first of its kind in the field, all while presenting at National workshops and International conferences in Iran and the Philippines.

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