The Australian Academy of Science have announced their latest awards for outstanding contributions to science with 20 of Australia’s leading scientists receiving a 2019 honorific award.

Dr Justin Wong, a past recipient of  a Cure The Future Fellowship has been recognised for his work in gene expression and its applications in cancer therapies having been awarded the 2019 Ruth Stephens Gani Medal.

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Dr Wong, then a research officer, received the inaugural Cure The Future Fellowship which provided salary support for 18 months.

Support from Cure The Future has provided Dr.Wong the ability to embark on a project to discover novel mechanisms that regulates gene expression in normal and cancer cells. Over the past 9 years, since receiving the Cure The Future Fellowship, Dr Wong has made many journal contributions and research breakthroughs have resulted in over $5 million dollars in grant funding for more research to find ways to combat cancers.

Every junior researcher requires start up funding to achieve scientific excellence. I am forever grateful to Cure The Future for providing this in the first 2 years of my postdoctoral research. I am a living testimony that Cure The Future contributes towards building the career of a young researcher like myself.  Justin Wong

Since receiving the Cure The Future support, Dr. Wong has progressed on to become an independent laboratory head at the Centenary Institute focusing on understanding mechanisms that regulate gene expression and how mistakes in these processes cause cancers.

Congratulations from Cure The Future.

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