CAR T Cells are engineered to target cancer cells.


Cell therapy has come of age and CAR T therapy is leading the way.

“Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells are produced by harvesting and reprogramming healthy T cells from a cancer patient. Genetically modified cells are then manufactured in their billions and infused back into the patient. Once in the patient the CAR T cells act to seek, target and destroy cancerous cells.  The process is described in the graphic below.


The CAR T therapy process. Image: Shutterstock

Early clinical data from leading clinical research centres around the world has highlighted the promise of CAR T cells for the targeted treatment of cancers such as leukaemia and lymphoma. 

Our clinicians and scientists are currently working with international collaborators to develop anti-mesothelin CAR-T cells to initiate Phase I clinical trials to tackle some hard-to-treat cancers.

Led by Professor John Rasko AO, Australia’s leading Cell & Molecular Therapies expert, a team of research specialists will leverage the existing cell manufacturing infrastructure and expertise at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

In Australia, at RPAH, the initial focus will be on the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer, a first for Australian patients that could revolutionise outcomes for patients and their families living with many types of cancer.

The impact of using CAR T cells in treatment can be life saving for the patient.

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