Cure the Future © Photo by Salty Dingo 2019

Dr Gerard Chu is a PhD Student in Professor John Rasko’s laboratory.

Gerard’s father was diagnosed with cancer when he was in Year 11 at school.  His father’s health scare motivated Gerard to want to make a difference to the lives of people dealing with cancer. It is the inspiration behind him studying medicine and joining the research lab where he is today.

In 2018, Gerard received the Cure The Future/Rotary Fellowship.  This fellowship has provided Gerard with a living allowance while waiting other scholarship funding.  The Fellowship has reduced financial pressure and allowed Gerard to focus on his research rather than having to find other work for financial support.

Completely focused on optimizing the effectiveness of CAR T-cells in treating asbestos related (mesothelioma) and pancreatic cancer, Gerard, now in his second year of a PhD.

Gerard’s research is transformative cell-based therapy, where immune cells are able to be re engineered, replicated and re applied to a patients body to target and reduce cancers.

Research is a lot of hard work’

Often hard work in research goes unrecognized. Gerard is grateful for the support of like-minded individuals who value hard work and medical research through the Cure the Future Fellowship.

Cure the Future © Photo by Salty Dingo 2019

Cure The Future is the scientists helping hand’

Gerard’s research aims to deliver novel cellular therapies and have a positive impact on patients in clinical trials in Australia, patients who would otherwise have to seek alternative more lengthy and painful treatments.

‘I live for making a better world for my children, through my research, I am.’

Gerard’s vision is to harness the immune system to fight several diseases to help cure the future for all children.

Your support can help us continue to support amazing scientists like Gerard.