Welcome to the new Cure The Future website.

As well as being Fully-Responsive – so it will work on your SmartPhone or Tablet, we have some brand new content and some great features to help make it even easier to help Cure The Future. It is also linked to our Facebook page and Twitter, so you can see the latest news about what’s going on in our Social Media.

The improved ‘About Us‘ section has some information about Cure The Future, the People behind it – and helps explain the Cell and Gene Therapy we support. It also provides some insights into some of the 4000 Diseases we expect it to help cure.

Our ‘Research‘ area shows you where the funds we have raised over the years have been spent – on Laboratory Equipment, Fellowships for Research Scientists, as well as some of the projects we have funded. It also has our ‘Wishlist‘ – so you can see the items still needed by the labs to help them find a cure for cancers & other inherited diseases.

Most importantly, we have expanded our ‘Donations‘ section to focus on 3 areas of Giving – ourselves, our family and our work.

The introduction of the Cure The Future ‘Family’ reminds us that the work we do is all about the future good health of coming generations of our Families – and the need to find a cure for inherited disease.

So there are some new ways families can help us Cure The Future – ‘In Memory‘ provides a way to create a special page ‘In Memory’ of a loved one you have lost – where friends and family can visit to post a memory and make a donation to Cure The Future in their honour.

Our new ‘Celebrate‘ page is an opportunity for your family and friends to celebrate a special family occasion, like a Wedding or a Birth – with a donation to help find a cure for the inherited diseases which run in families everywhere.

Giving Time‘ is our new donation option for those who prefer to give up their time to support us – and some of the ways you can do that.

And our great A-Z of Fundraising presents lots of fun new ways you can help Cure The Future, by raising funds with your family and friends, at work or in your local community.

In the coming weeks we will be introducing a new payment system through PayPal and hope to be adding some pages In Memory and Celebration.

We hope to see you visiting our website again – and encouraging those around you to do the same.

Thank you for visiting.

Cure The Future Family