Dr Xuiyan Wang is a well-respected scientist from the prestigious Cell Therapy and Cell Engineering Facility, at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York.

Her expertise is in the area of gene and cell therapies, specifically using a patient’s own immune system to fight diseases, including cancer.

(L-R) Dr Zlatibor Velickovic, Cell & Molecular Therapies PM | Dr Xuiyan Wang, Sloan Kettering Memorial Centre | Prof John Rasko AO
Besides being a delightful colleague, her sharing of knowledge about clinical scale cell therapy manufacturing was invaluable. Xuiyan toured our facility, the Centenary Institute and Sydney University – while en route to Melbourne for the International Society for Stem Cell Research Conference.

Xuiyan contributed to our understanding with constructive information and insider knowledge – knowledge which would not be accessible from just reading published Journal articles. Her visit was not only productive, but has been instrumental for establishing a rapport and network between internationally renowned Laboratories, both of whom are currently involved together in the International Car-T Mesothelin research project.

Xuiyan also attended the Thalassaemia Society of NSW 40th year celebration, where our Director Professor John Rasko gave an address.

Our laboratories look forward to a continued collaboration into the future – to establish a service where the latest therapies are available to Australian patients.