From 28 May to 1 June, the world greatest minds in Cell and Gene Therapy will gather at the annual conference of the International Society of Cell and Gene Therapy in Melbourne.

For the first time, a contingent of 12 researchers and scientists from Professor John Rasko’s team at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital will be attending, thanks to support from Cure the Future.

The international Annual Meeting of the ISCT is being held this year in Melbourne and being in Australia presents a unique training opportunity for members of the The Department of Cell & Molecular Therapies team.

“…CMT will be afforded the opportunity to engage in a small group interactive learning and acquire practical knowledge first hand…”,  

Afroditi Sdrolias, CMT Hospital Scientist
The Cell and Molecular Therapies team at RPA

“…Attendance will provide an extraordinary enhancement to our staff’s career development, provide an educational opportunity to learn new skills and potentially identify new collaborators…”

– Alice Chen and James Favaloro, CMT Hospital Scientists

Cure The Future is proud to support the team and contribute to an enhancement in their professional development and work.

Stay tuned to more updates from the Conference.