May 2016 Diane, could not believe what she was hearing when she went for her regular twelve-month check-up with her Doctor to find out she had breast cancer.

Without hesitation Diane went
straight to hospital to deal with the situation. Within less than 24 hours Diane was walking around the hospital.

The following week she was back at her desk working.

Over the next couple of years Diane travelled the world meeting many people from the Corporate/Government/ Community Leaders.

During this time, she still worked full time with Panthers NRL Club and organized races days, dinners, lunches for several different foundations with all money raised going towards research and hospital equipment.

The past ten years Diane has been on the Consumer Panel for the Centenary Institute Sydney.

She has been the Chair for Cure the Future Foundation for over 10 years.

After 22 years at Panthers NRL Club Diane decided it was time to head back home to the Bulldogs NRL Club to reunite her working relationship with the famous Phil Gould AM who is an Ambassador
for Cure the Future Foundation.

Diane had a very close relationship with the Bulldogs NRL Club in the late 80’s and 90’s with her younger brother Paul Langmack playing for the Bulldogs in four Grand
Finals winning three.

Diane’s role at the Bulldogs NRL Club is General Manager Stakeholder Engagement/Community which is right up her alley.

It’s a dream come true to return to the home where it all started for her and her brother in sport.

Her job is to keep working hard to raise funds for Cure the Future Foundation and win many grand finals for the Bulldogs NRL Club with the great staff we have at the Bulldogs.